How to Sell or Trade In Your Old Mac and Save on a New One

How to Sell or Trade In Your Old Mac and Save on a New One

Any laptop, even those made by Apple, has a limited shelf life before you start to want something new and fresh. It’s possible that your laptop isn’t operating as well as it once did, or that you need more storage space or more memory. Whatever your motivation, it eventually happens to everyone, and you start to think about making the next big purchase for yourself. But what about the laptop you already have?

If you possess a laptop, ideally you’ve taken good care of it so it still has worth. Some people keep a second laptop with them at all times or keep one at home as a backup in case their primary one becomes damaged.

For others, any outdated model will simply take up space until you decide to throw it away since you’re sick of seeing it take up space.

With your old MacBook, refrain from doing it. Instead, consider a trade-in option and determine whether you may recover some of your investment. There are various ways to trade in your MacBook to get the most money for it. Today, we’ll discuss what you can do in advance of the trade-in to earn a little bit more value than you had anticipated, as well as the actions you need to take to maximize your return on a MacBook.

Taking care of your MacBook long before you consider such a possibility is one of the best methods to maximize the value of your trade-in. You should take good care of your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air from the beginning if you believe you might want to sell them, as well as other gadgets like the iMac, Mac mini, or Mac Pro desktops. If you maintain the product in top shape from the start, any Mac trade-in will benefit you. This is undoubtedly simpler to perform with a desktop computer, but using mobile devices like laptops, iPhones, and iPads can be challenging.

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You can also make a few minor tweaks and modifications before you actually complete the trade-in so that you can get the maximum value possible for your MacBook trade-in. Here are 3 things you may do quickly before starting your trade.

Keep the hard drive in place

You could believe that removing the hard drive will assure that no one else can access your private files. While you should undoubtedly remove your personal files, you should also make sure the OS has been correctly restored so the company you trade in your device with may do so. Hard drives have a sharp decline in value if removed. If you just leave everything alone and hire a team of professionals to conduct the necessary testing and remove everything to make it new for resale after the deal is completed, you will ultimately obtain greater value.

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Replace Missing Keys

Try to replace the lost key or keys yourself before trading in your MacBook if you notice one or two. The components required to create the replacement are simple to find, resulting in an entirely intact and functional keyboard. Your laptop will become more valuable as a result


Take off the stickers

Decorating specific possessions, your home, or your car is a chance to express yourself and make a statement about who you are. Stickers frequently adhere to the lids of computers in this manner. Remove any stickers you may have previously placed on the laptop before trading it in. Because the businesses that accept these trade-ins don’t want to take the stickers off, the value will probably decrease. Instead, get more for keeping your laptop looking great all those years by removing the stickers.

Phobio offers to complete your MacBook trade-in when the time comes and see how much you may get for your used MacBook Pros, iPads, and iMacs. A crew that offers excellent customer service will examine your Apple product to make the trade process simple. Once an offer is accepted, you quickly receive payment for your Apple trade-in as well. So if you want to trade in your MacBook and work with a staff you can trust to get you the value you deserve so you can enjoy a new Apple device.

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