Can Rice Actually Save Your Wet Phone?

Can Rice Actually Save Your Wet Phone?

Can rice actually save your wet phone? : Cell phones have changed the world and have become a part of everyone’s daily routine. We carry them around with us at all times, and we use them for everything. We are willing to spend a lot of money on this small item since it has become vital for us to connect with the world and conduct our work.

But what happens if it has a drink spilled on it, or if it falls into the pool or, worse still, the toilet? So, what are your options? The majority of us have the incorrect first instinct. To put it in rice, assuming that the rice would absorb the water and dry it out, preserving the phone. Yes, rice absorbs water, but not as effective as you might believe or prefer.

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Can Rice Actually Save Your Wet Phone?

Many people say that placing it in a bag of rice for a day or two will help. The rice will just absorb the water on the phone’s outside. Worse, if the rice is wet, it may get mushy and get caught in the phone’s cracks and ports. Then there are the teeny-tiny rice grains that can easily slip inside the phone and cause it to malfunction. Finally, the starch dust that is found all over rice can seep inside your phone and cause it to malfunction. Food products aren’t the best tools for repairing cell phones.

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So, what are your options?

  • First, do not turn it on, and then turn it off if it is still on.
  • Second, take the phone out of the water and dry it gently with a paper towel using the blot method. If you rub it too hard, water may get into the buttons, ports, and speakers.
  • Third, take out the case. After that, carefully dry it off.
  • Fourth, remove the battery in the fourth step.
  • Fifth, gently and separately wrap all of the pieces in dry paper towels.

Next, schedule a repair with JNA Retail so that the internals of your phone can be properly dried and cleaned before they corrode from sitting in water. Keep in mind that we can even come to you! The last thing any of us wants is a phone that is completely dead.

Our techs are all certified and we only use the best quality parts.

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