Bad Habits That Are Ruining Your Battery Life

Ruining Your Battery Life

We do a lot of things on your phone including things that are ruining your battery life yet you are not aware of it. If you have an older phone, you may need to replace the battery soon. iPhone battery life degrades over time, and older iPhone models deteriorate faster. Even so, there are several things you may do to postpone battery replacement for a time. Here are ten typical practices robbing your iPhone of its battery life.

Keeping Non-essential Apps

Delete any apps you don’t use from your phone, especially if they consume a lot of battery power. Also, don’t keep apps that you use infrequently running in the background of your phone. Keeping your iPhone’s storage under control extends its battery life.

Letting the Battery Drain

Allowing your phone’s battery to go all the way to zero is bad for the battery. It’s even worse than pushing it to the limit. These two practices may necessitate the replacement of an iPhone battery. Plug your phone in when about 40% charged to keep the battery in good health.

Keeps Charging Even at 100%

This is the biggest factor in ruining your battery life. Unplug your phone after the battery is fully charged. It’s possible to damage the battery if you keep it plugged in after charging to 100%. It is preferable to charge your phone during the day, even if in short bursts than to leave it plugged in overnight, where it will remain fully charged for hours.

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Data is Open While Using WiFi

Data is worse for your battery than WiFi. It’s also usually less expensive. Therefore there are two compelling reasons to do so.

Opening and Closing App Right Away

It takes some battery power to open and close applications. Repeated acts like these might deplete the battery life of your iPhone. Instead of dismissing the entire app between each new Snapchat or text, leave it open while you’re using it.

Extreme Temperatures

When it comes to damage, you already know that submerging your phone in water is a big no-no. Extremes of heat and cold can also be an issue. If you allow your phone to freeze or overheat, you should expect a new battery shortly.

Low-Power Mode Is Not Used.

This is yet another feature that serves a purpose. Low power mode lets your iPhone’s battery life adjust to the percentage it’s at, preventing it from further damage.


There’s a reason why smartphones feature auto-brightness. The feature keeps your screen visible while also preventing you from replacing your iPhone battery too soon. The constant usage of a bright screen depletes the battery.

There are Far Too Many Alerts.

Constant notifications can deplete the battery life of your iPhone over time. Only turn on notifications for items you need to know about. Your phone’s battery will be grateful.

Looking For a Signal

Searching for a signal in a low-signal location is one of the most significant drains on your iPhone battery. Turning off your WiFi unless you’re connected to a network can help avoid this from happening. When there isn’t enough signal for your data to work, switch to airplane mode. At any one time, only one of your data or WiFi connections must be active, not both.

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