How to Fix iPhone Call Volume Is Low During Calls?

How to Fix iPhone Call Volume Is Low During Calls?

Why is my iPhone volume so low on calls? Your iPhone call volume is unexpectedly low for a variety of reasons. You may have accidentally adjusted the volume rocker while on another call, an obstruction may be keeping you from hearing the other caller well, or you may be experiencing a software or hardware issue. Even something as basic as an operating system update could be the source of the issue, so follow the troubleshooting steps below in order until you find the answer.

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How to fix iPhone volume so low on calls?

Troubleshooting a low call volume on your iPhone could be as simple as cranking up the volume on the phone or as complicated as having some hardware replaced, but you won’t know how to fix it until you figure out what’s wrong.

Deactivate the noise cancellation feature.

On the iPhone, noise cancellation is an accessibility function that can assist some users to hear more clearly. However, some iPhone users who have trouble hearing callers claim that turning off Noise Cancellation improves in-call noise significantly. To disable Noise Cancellation, go to Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual > Noise Cancellation Off and toggle it off.

Ascertain that your audio is being transferred over the iPhone. When you utilize Bluetooth equipment, such as speakers, your audio may be sent to a location other than your phone. Make sure your audio is being routed through your control center’s phone speakers. To access the Control Center, tap in the upper-right corner, then look at the music box in the upper-right corner. The audio is coming through the iPhone if there is a triangle with concentric circles on top of it.

If the sign is missing, your phone may be connected to a Bluetooth speaker, headphones, or other devices. To restore audio to your iPhone, disconnect that device.

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Your phone’s volume should be turned up. If you’re having trouble hearing someone when they call, it could be as simple as turning up the in-call volume. The problem is that you have to do it while on the phone. So, the next time someone calls you, utilize your phone’s volume up button to see if you can turn the volume back up to a level that you can hear comfortably.

Scan to see whether your phone’s case or screen protectors are obstructing your speakers. Some iPhone cases are designed to hide the iPhone’s upper speaker. When you try to conduct a phone call while wearing a case or a screen protector over the speaker, the audio may sound muffled or garbled.

Toggle the phone’s quiet switch to the off position. iPhones include a physical switch on the left side that allows you to swiftly quiet your phone. However, other users claim that after turning the switch on and off a few times, the volume of their calls returned to normal.

Turn on and off Airplane Mode. When some customers noticed problems with in-call volume, they claimed that turning Airplane Mode on and off a few times seemed to solve the problem. Give it a shot, but make sure Airplane Mode is turned off in the setting.

Bluetooth should be turned off and then on again. There could be a problem with the Bluetooth connection if you’re having trouble with in-call loudness while utilizing a Bluetooth headset or vehicle connection. Turn the setting off and on again to see if it helps. If that doesn’t work, try pairing your Bluetooth device with a different device.

Clean the speakers on your iPhone. The sound of a call can be muffled if the speakers are clogged with lint and dust. To see if the problem has been resolved, clean your speakers and then attempt your calls again.

You should update your iPhone. If you’re having problems hearing calls on your iPhone, it could be something as simple as an outdated operating system or speaker driver. Check to see if your device is up to date, then try making your calls again.

Reboot your iPhone if necessary. Sometimes all a device needs is a good restart. They don’t need anything to happen to them, and you may be doing everything correctly, but features may not function properly. Whatever the issue, it’s a universal reality that a simple restart may work wonders for electronics, so restart your phone for a few seconds and then attempt your calls again.

But if nothing works

If you’ve gone through all of this troubleshooting and are still asking “Why is my iPhone volume so low on calls?”, then it might be physical damage. You may need to hire a specialist. Check your warranty status, then schedule an appointment at an Apple Store, or just go to your nearest Apple-authorized repair shop to see if they can help you.

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