How to Wipe Your Phone Before Selling or Trading

How to Wipe Your Phone Before Selling or Trading

Smartphones that are used or refurbished are a great option. They help customers save money while also helping sellers make money trading and selling wholesale phone. The market must like them as well, because used phone sales have been steadily increasing in recent years, with analysts predicting that sales would continue to rise to 350 million devices by 2024. That market will be worth 65 billion dollars by then. This helps to explain why global sales of new devices have decreased.

Are you looking to sell your smartphone? Congratulations, then! It’s the ideal time to sell or trade it!

Whatever way you use to sell your cellphone, one thing must be kept in mind: the lucky buyer of your old smartphone must receive it in a completely blank state.

Anything else is unneeded and substantial risk to your privacy and security. Consider that if you don’t, you’ll be handing over the keys to many of your digital life’s doors to the next owner of the phone.

Even if you’re selling it to a family member or a friend, you don’t want them to have access to your old photos, movies, emails, bank accounts, or other important information.

As a result, we’ll go through several safeguards you can take to ensure you’re selling your smartphone safely. The same principles apply whether you’re selling a tablet or another type of mobile device.

Wiping out your Android device

Wiping out your Android device

The first thing you should do is make a backup of everything. Choose your backup strategy, whether it’s on the cloud or on a physical device. Include your call records, messages, contacts, images, videos, and documents in your file. Take out the SD card. Ideally, you should make many backups to be on the safe side.

The next step is to log out of all of the apps and services you’ve ever used on your phone. Sign out of all of your social networking accounts, other services, and, most notably, your Google account on Android. Disconnect your Google account from the phone and make sure no payment methods are available for the next user. Remove your SIM card last but not least.

After that, you must encrypt your device. I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m doing this. In the end, you’ll need to execute a factory reset. Isn’t that supposed to clear things up? Yes, it certainly does. However, traces remain, and a skilled user will be able to recover them. If you encrypt the device, the traces will remain, but in an encrypted form that no one can understand.

A factory reset is a final step in wiping your Android clean.

This will restore the original status of your device. Keep in mind that this procedure will not wipe your data; rather, it will stop making it available by default – yes, the encryption step from the previous paragraph is required. And now it’s finished! Depending on the manufacturer, this technique may differ from one gadget to the next, although the manual usually covers it thoroughly.

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How to Reset your android phone

  • Go to Settings
  • Select System > Advanced > Reset options
  • You will be presented with three choices. “Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth” is sometimes useful if you’re having trouble with connectivity. “Reset app preferences” will restore all of your app and notification defaults, among other things. Neither of these will delete the data on your phone. That’s the job of the third choice, “Erase all data (factory reset),” and that’s the one you’re going to select.
  • You’ll get a warning screen reminding you that your data will be erased, along with all the accounts you’re currently signed into. Select “Reset phone.”
  • If you have a PIN or some other security setup, you’ll be asked to enter it
  • You’ll get another screen asking if you’re sure this is what you want to do. Are you sure? Then hit the “Erase everything” button.

The entire procedure normally takes no more than two or three minutes. Your phone will reboot and ask you a series of questions about language, account, network, and so on. You’ll know it’s worked when you see those.

How to Erase Your Phone Before Trading It In

Wiping out your iPhone

With Apple products, you can wipe all of your personal data and erase your iPhone or iPad. You can use QuickStart to move all of your data and content to another Apple device. iCloud will also function, and if you have a macOS computer, it will as well. If you have an Apple Watch, disconnect it from the device.

Deregister iMessage and back up the essential data to a physical device or the cloud if you’re leaving all Apple services.

Make a noise in every Apple service you utilize. Everything, including iCloud and iTunes. If you have any other third-party accounts set up on your iPhone, log out of them as well.

The final step is to reset your device. Under Settings, choose to General – Reset – Erase all content and settings. Delete this iPhone from your list of trusted devices. You’ve completed the task.

Final Thoughts

To preserve your privacy and security, make sure your device is clean before handing it over to a new user. As identity theft grows more common in the digital age, you must take steps to prevent it from happening to you, particularly through your own actions.

As a result, you now know how to do it. We hope you have a successful trade and are enjoying your brand new smartphone!

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