How to Wipe Your Samsung Galaxy Phone Before Trading-In

How to Wipe Your Samsung Galaxy Phone

How to Wipe Your Samsung Galaxy Phone Before Trading-In: What Better Way to ring in the new year than with the New Samsung Galaxy S21® smartphone? Lots of die-hard Samsung fans are going to get their hands on the new Samsung Galaxy® handset, which boasts fantastic new features like 5G capability, 8K video recording, and a 64MP camera — but that leaves us wondering what to do with our current Galaxy or another old phone.

You should always clean your old gadget before recycling, trading it in, or giving it away. Many people give their Samsung Galaxy, or any device, a quick once-over to delete their superficial data like photos and accounts, but by wiping your Samsung Galaxy, or any device completely, you can ensure that no one will be able to access any of your sensitive information.

Are you having trouble wiping your Samsung Galaxy? Don’t be concerned! The phone repair experts at JNA Retail have your back. We’ve put together a simple instruction below on how to do a factory reset (commonly known as a “wipe”) on your Samsung Galaxy so you may safely hand it off.

How to Wipe Your Samsung Galaxy Phone.

Back Up Your Phone

First and foremost, please make a backup of your device! We don’t want you to lose any crucial information that you need to transfer to your new phone. To back up your data, you can use Samsung Cloud, Google, or a MicroSD card. Remember that once you’ve cleansed your phone, all of your information and data will be erased, so don’t skip this step!

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How to Wipe Your Samsung Galaxy Phone

Start the factory reset procedure

To begin, go to your “Settings Menu,” scroll down to “Factory Data Reset,” and pick it. When you’re ready, pick “Reset” & “Delete All” from the popup that appears. Your phone should shut down and then restart. It should be entirely reset after that!

That’s everything there is to it! Surprisingly straightforward, yet you’d be shocked how many people skip this crucial step. We hope this post has provided you with information on how to erase your Samsung Galaxy before selling or recycling it.

People have been choosing to ensure that their old phone does not become another piece of e-waste as “going green” activities have grown increasingly prominent.

So, if you want to get rid of your phone but don’t believe it’s worth selling, consider this: the Environmental Protection Agency considers electronic waste (also known as “e-waste”) to be the “fastest-growing municipal waste stream in America,” with only 12.5 percent of it now being recycled.

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Trade In Your

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