Why Is iPhone Insurance More Expensive Than Most Repair Shops

iPhone Insurance

Why Is iPhone Insurance More Expensive Than Most Repair Shops? : If you recently purchased a new phone, particularly one of Apple’s most recent models, such as the iPhone 13 max and mini, you were undoubtedly advised to purchase iPhone insurance. The idea goes that you’ll require iPhone repair at some point, so why not pay in advance to cover those costs? The issue is that iPhone insurance may not save you money in the long run. What you should do instead of paying monthly coverage is look for iPhone repair near me.

iPhone Insurance: How Does It Work?

Isn’t iPhone insurance free, you might be thinking? New users can get 90 days of free tech support from Apple. This may be plenty for you if you receive a new phone with every upgrade and do not frequently damage your smartphone.

Apple tries to promote their iPhone insurance, called AppleCare+, to those who plan to keep their phone for more than a year. Every year, this plan covers two incidental damage repairs. AppleCare+ also provides you priority access to tech support specialists 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They even provide a plan that covers theft and loss as well.

Isn’t iPhone insurance appealing? Wrong. The only problem is that there’s a large catch. You must pay not only for the insurance plan but also for each time you use it for iPhone repair. Screen damage will cost $29 in 2020, while any other damage will cost $99. It costs $149 to lose or have your phone stolen.

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iPhone Insurance More Expensive

Why Are iPhone Repair Shops Less Expensive?

You pay a monthly premium if you have insurance coverage, whether you use it or not. There is an additional price if you require the plan to repair or replace your phone. When it comes to iPhone insurance, all of these costs add up rapidly.

When you get your iPhone repaired in a repair shop, on the other hand, you only pay for the damage that has been done. You will never have to pay if you do not break your phone. The pricing is lower than AppleCare+, even if you damage the screen or tamper with the battery port. Your savings include the money you would have spent on iPhone insurance and the cost of an Apple repair, which is quite pricey.

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Besides saving you money, iPhone repair near me also saves you time. If you use Apple’s express repair service, you may still need to send your phone to a different location. You’ll be without a gadget for days or weeks as a result of this. Few people can go about their everyday chores without their phones at work or at home.

All repairs are done right in the shop with local iPhone repair. You bring your phone into the room and take it out. There’s no need to leave your device at home for weeks at a time. Simply bring your iPhone in for repair, and it will be back to normal within a few hours.

iPhone Repair Near Me

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