iPhone XR Tips And Tricks You Should Know About

iPhone XR Tips And Tricks You Should Know About

iPhone XR Tips And Tricks You Should Know About: The iPhone XR’s button-free design exemplifies Apple’s top-tier smartphone workmanship. Moreover, the phone comes with a slew of outstanding features that set it apart from the majority of its competitors.

But what good is an iPhone XR if you can’t use it to its full potential? Fortunately, we’ll look at several methods and ideas in this article to help you get started.

Keyboard tips

One-handed typing: Do you want to type with just one hand? You’re covered with the QuickType keyboard. It allows you to type with one hand comfortably. To get to it, hold down the globe icon on the keyboard and select settings. You can pick between a right- or left-handed keyboard from here. Tap the arrow to return to full size.

Swipe to type: The iPhone XR supports swipe typing, however, it requires iOS 13 or higher to do it. Swipe from letter to letter without taking your finger off the screen to type a word. Your typing speed will improve once you’ve mastered this technique.

Control center tips

Add new controls: The necessity to access critical controls necessitates having them close at hand. To add new ones, navigate to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls > and select the controls you want to add.

Adjust torch brightness: To change the brightness of the torch, open the control center and tap the torch symbol. Tap and hold the symbol to adjust the brightness. Make any necessary modifications with the slider.

Rearrange controls: To rearrange controls that have already been added, go to settings > Control center > customize controls > drag and drop the controls into the desired order.

Photography Tips

Selfies with depth effect: The iPhone XR has a TrueDepth camera sensor that allows you to snap selfies with depth effect. Open the camera app, select portrait mode, flip the camera, and voila, you’re ready to capture a selfie with a depth effect.

Enable Smart HDR: When an image is shot in a low-quality situation, the Smart HDR feature is employed to improve the image quality. You can manually enable or disable it when it is operating by default. Toggle between on and off in the camera settings.

People merging: With the iPhone XR, you can merge people and save them in an album. To use the feature, go to Photos > albums > people & locations > tap on the people album > choose the people you wish to merge > touch merge > yes to end.

Battery tips

Fast charging: If you use your phone frequently, you know how important it is to have it charged quickly. Fortunately, the iPhone XR supports it. For a MacBook, it works with a 12W, 29W, or 61W Type-C adaptor. Simply connect your phone to a Lightning cable and watch it charge swiftly.

Wireless charging: To use this feature, you’ll need a wireless charger. The iPhone XR is compatible with Qi chargers.

Closing apps that drain the battery: To see and close apps that drain the battery, go to settings-battery and scroll down to see a list of them.

Low-power mode: This mode consumes less energy. To get to it, go to settings-battery. You can also add it to the Control Center so that you can access it easily. Background apps, auto-update, auto-download, and many other features are disabled under Low Power mode.

iPhone xr tips and tricks

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Pay with Apple Pay

If you’re in a store that takes Apple Pay, you may use it to pay for our products with ease. Double-press the side button, then hold your phone up to your face to activate it. Face ID will now be able to scan your face.

Activate Siri

Press and hold the side button to activate Siri. If you find this too time-consuming, you may easily set up the “Hey Siri” feature for quick access.

Making your own emoji

Face ID and the TrueDepth camera are among the major features of the iPhone XR. As a result, you’ll be able to take advantage of fantastic camera capabilities like Memoji and Animoji. You may make Bitmoji characters using the Memoji function. Go to Messages > select a discussion > tap on Animoji to activate it to make an emoji.

When using the iPhone XR, stay out of the water.

Despite the iPhone’s IP67 water resistance designation, it is not recommended for swimming. Similarly, do not use it underwater or submerge it for an extended period of time.


Tap screen to wake: To display alerts or the time, tap the screen to wake it up. It’s as simple as tapping the screen. You don’t have to reach for the side button any longer.

Access previously opened apps: To see running programs, you should double-tap the home button. All you have to do with the iPhone XR is swipe up and hold your finger in the middle of the screen. You’ll be able to see all of the open apps.

Using widgets on your lock screen: Do you want to use widgets on your lock screen? Simply swipe from left to right. Scroll to the bottom if you want to modify the name or add more widgets.

Notification tips

Check for notifications: To access Notification Center while on the go, swipe down from the left-hand corner. Open notification on the lock screen:  

Open notification on the lock screen:  Place your finger in the middle of the screen and swipe up to open the notification from the lock screen. There will be a list of all alerts displayed.

Quiet delivery:  If notification pop-ups and sounds annoy you, you can select the ‘Deliver Quietly’ option. When you have a notice on the lock screen, scroll left and tap on manage to use this feature. Make the decision to deliver softly. Only the Notification Center will receive the notification.

Last word

Without a doubt, the iPhone XR is a fantastic phone for amazing people. It’s a smartphone on another level, with its buttonless design, wireless charging, and TrueDepth camera.

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