Most Common Android Problems Solved

Most Common Android Problems Solved

Most Common Android Problems Solved: Android is a fantastic operating system, but it is not perfect. As with any gadget, occasional problems are to be expected. Fortunately, not all issues are as serious as they first appear, and many may be fixed with a few simple measures. We will discuss some of the more typical Android phone issues and potential fixes below!

Easy Troubleshooting for Android Phones

You might be successful in mending your phone at home if you are having any of the following problems. Before putting your Android cellphone to the side or taking it to a mobile repair shop, try saving it with one of the following fixes.

Battery Life Is Poor

When your phone’s battery drains more quickly than usual, making a few settings adjustments may be helpful. First, open the settings menu on your device and turn on energy saving mode to gradually reduce performance and restrict background data usage. Go to Battery Optimization next to see if any apps may be set to Doze mode. By doing this, you can restrict your phone from activating when your home screen is off and disable several notifications and services.

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Issues with Connectivity

A poor internet or data connection may be resolved by just rebooting your mobile device. If restarting doesn’t work, try turning on and off again your Wi-Fi, mobile data, and even Airplane mode. Disabling the connection to your Wi-Fi network, waiting a little while, and then reconnecting to it again is one more thing you can try.

Excessive heat

Your Android device may overheat when using specific third-party apps or even functionality like the camera. Try uninstalling a problematic app if you frequently use it, or see if the latest version is required. Android users should also limit the amount of activity on their phone while it is charging.

Google Play Store Constantly Crashes

The most frequent cause of frequent crashes in the Google Play Store is a corrupt cache. Although this could seem terrifying, there is usually nothing to be concerned about. Plus, this nuisance can be fixed rather simply. To start, select Google Play Store from your settings menu’s All Apps menu, then click Clear Cache. This should start your app store from scratch and fix any bugs.

Low Internal Storage

If you frequently receive the “Insufficient Storage Available” message, here are a few suggestions to try. Check out which programs are using up all of your internal storage space by first entering the Application Manager (found in the device settings). If there are any that you don’t use frequently, you may either completely uninstall them to conserve storage or just delete the cache to make room. You should also think about what you can offload as some data-hungry networks, like Facebook or Twitter, could be accessed through a browser.

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SD Card not being read

If your phone is having trouble reading an SD card, you could try restarting it, just as with other typical Android issues we’ve covered. Try unmounting and remounting your card as a last resort. Once it is freed from your phone, you can connect it to your computer and use a card reader to diagnose and correct some issues. Click Open My Computer and navigate to your disk drive to do this. Select Repair drive under Property > Tools > Error checking.

In the event that some components are the reason for a card reading issue, an alternative is to delete the data on your SD card. To do this, find the option to format your SD card under Storage and USB settings on your Android device. To prevent losing any vital data, keep in mind that you should backup all contents before starting this process.

Fortunately, a lot of Android OS issues can be easily fixed at home. But it could be necessary to see an expert if certain common problems start to get worse. Android smartphones of all shapes and sizes, including the Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, Motorola Moto G, and countless more makes and models, are fixed by JNA Retail Phone Repair. Find a JNA Retail near you and request a free estimate to get your repair underway!