Most Common Causes of a Broken iPhone

Most Common Causes of a Broken iPhone

Most Common Causes of a Broken iPhone: iPhones are among the most expensive pieces of technology that can be carried in one’s pocket and used on a daily basis. As a result, it’s not uncommon to see people with broken iPhone displays and other components. While we all endeavor to keep these priceless items safe, accidents sometimes happen, and the phone is generally the victim. We’ve developed a list of the top ten reasons for iPhone failure.

Damage to pets

Dogs enjoy fetching, but they can often confuse a phone for a chew toy, wreaking havoc on the screen and casing. Glass protection will not protect you from a larger dog’s bite.

The phone was dropped

Dropping the phone is the most common cause. People often want to carry more than they can, and the iPhone’s lightweight and wide shape make it easy to lose hold. While walking or performing chores, some people try to navigate or type with one hand, which diverts their attention and may result in the phone being dropped.

Variations in temperature

iPhones have temperature ranges that are both operational and non-operational. Allowing it to sit in the sun for an extended period of time might cause the screen to overheat, resulting in irreversible damage to the underlying components. Similarly, do not store the iPhone in freezers or other cold environments.

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Temper tantrums

While youngsters are more likely to do this, adults have been known to toss their phones in a fit of wrath. When it comes to an iPhone, irresponsible behavior does not bode well for the device. Keep this pricey item out of the reach of minors.

Sitting on the phone

While the iPhone can withstand some pressure, when an adult sits on it, it can bend or break. Please keep your phone out of your back pocket and off of car seats and chairs.

Forgetting it on the car

We’ve heard numerous stories about drivers forgetting their smartphones on the roof of their cars and driving away. When the phone slips off the car, it may break, or worse, the owner may accidentally run it over.

Falling out of pockets

Jacket pockets that are larger and looser often contain far more space than is required for a single iPhone. When owners pick up their jackets or move around, the phone can be shifted out of the pocket and fall to the ground.

Damage caused by water

When you drop your phone in the bath, toilet, puddle, or sink, it frequently ends up dipped in water. While the latest iPhone models have some water resistance, they aren’t completely waterproof. Water can sneak into microscopic cracks created by impacts.

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Selfie damage

This is a relatively new source of phone damage, although it is far from uncommon. Using selfie sticks and unusual angles increases the likelihood of dropping or banging the phone against other things.

Damage caused by shipping and protection

While this is a relatively uncommon occurrence in comparison to the others, mishandling the phone case and box during shipping can cause the device to malfunction. Users who are unfamiliar with special protective casings, on the other hand, may wind up hurting the phone when attempting to install the case.

What should you do if your iPhone is broken?

If your iPhone’s screen or casing breaks, seek professional help from a licensed phone repair service provider.

Our techs are all certified and we only use the best quality parts.

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