Reasons Why Your Phone Is Charging Slow and How to Fix It!

Reasons Why Your Phone Is Charging Slow and How to Fix It!

When your phone has been plugged in for several hours or even all night but does not appear to be charging at all, it can be very annoying.

There are a number of potential explanations for this, but we’ve broken down some of the most frequent ones below, along with solutions, so read on.

The causes of delayed phone charging and solutions are discussed in this article.

Reasons Why Your Phone Is Charging Slow and How to Fix It!

A damaged lightning cable

Fortunately, one of the most frequent causes of slow phone charging is also the simplest to resolve. It’s possible that the cable or cord you’re using is broken. Your USB cable has likely been thrown around, shoved into bags, bent, twisted, and possibly even destroyed.

The wires eventually start to fray from constant use, and it will take longer to fully charge your phone than it did initially.

All cables may appear the same when you go to buy one, but they differ in terms of quality, longevity, and transmission speed. You want to choose a high-quality cable that will serve you for a very long time.

It’s also crucial to confirm that the cable you select is MFi approved (if it’s a Lightning cable), otherwise your phone might not actually work with it. Many individuals discover that utilizing non-MFi cords is the cause of their iPhones charging poorly.

If your chord is the source of your charging issues, you can address the issue by simply replacing the cord.

Insufficient power or an unsuitable power adapter

Consider the power source you are using to charge your phone if you are certain the issue is not with the cord itself. Your phone will almost certainly charge slowly if you are using a laptop or even a desktop computer because the power output is just too low.

If you do not already have one, it is worthwhile to purchase one so you can charge your phone by plugging it into the wall.
If your phone supports fast charging, you can even purchase a fast charger to hasten the process even more. Your phone should begin to charge considerably more quickly once it has received adequate power.

Background-running applications

Even when you are not actively using an app, some of them keep running in the background and consume power. This indicates that your phone is charging more slowly since the apps are using more power. You can see which apps are using the most power in the phone’s settings. After that, you may either completely remove the app from your phone or modify the settings so that it can no longer run in the background, in which case your charging should proceed much more quickly.

A Charging Port with Poor Contact

Most likely, you always have your phone with you. This implies that it has likely spent a lot of time lying around in various places, including your pocket, a bag, and numerous locales.

A delayed (or nonexistent) charge might result from lint, dust, and other debris accumulating in the charging port over time and preventing the cable from fully attaching to your phone.

With a thin instrument like a bobby pin, paper clip, or toothpick, you can usually unclog obstructions. Simply use the tool to gently remove debris and dust from the port.

If it doesn’t work, you can blow the buildup out using a can of compressed air. You should notice that your phone charges considerably more quickly after cleaning the dust, dirt, and debris out of the charging port.

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An old phone

Unfortunately, the issue may be with the phone if none of the aforementioned fixes seem to work. Many things can start to go wrong with your phone over time. It could start charging slowly, process information more slowly, cease updating, and more.

If your phone is three years old or older, it might be best to swallow the bullet and upgrade. Although it could be pricey, this upgrade will almost certainly fix all of your phone’s issues, including poor charging. But you might think about just changing the battery if you’re not quite ready to buy a new phone.

Ideally, one of those fixes would have solved your issue, and your phone is now charging considerably more quickly. Before tackling more pricey fixes, it is a wonderful idea to start by purchasing a better cable and power adapter.

If trying to fix the issue yourself by switching out the charging cord, getting a new adapter, deleting apps, or cleaning out the port did not work, you can always contact the helpful and qualified specialists at JNA Retail to get advice tailored to your phone.

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