Can You Sell Locked iPhones? Yes, But Follow These Procedures

Can You Sell Locked iPhones

We can help you trade in your locked iPhone if it’s time for an iPhone upgrade. Let’s look at how to sell or trade your locked iPhone, whether you can unlock it to get more money and the differences between different sorts of “locked” phones.

How to Trade or Sell a Locked iPhone

A locked iPhone can be sold. The type of lock on your iPhone, on the other hand, is crucial. If your phone, for example, has a carrier lock, the buyer will be able to use it on only one network. The phone can also be jailbroken, which restricts it to only using apps that run on the iOS operating system. Any type of lock will depreciate the value of your phone.

Buyers may be hesitant to purchase your iPhone, even if it is brand new, if it has a carrier lock. If a buyer wants to use the phone on a different network, they must first change it. Similarly, if the phone has an iOS usage cap, purchasers would not get the most out of it. It is legal to sell or trade your locked phone.

Be Honest When You Sell or Trade a Locked iPhone.

When it comes to selling or trading an iPhone, or anything else for that matter, honesty is the best policy, whether the transaction takes place in person or online. The majority of resellers that acquire locked iPhones have policies and terms in place. It will waste a lot of time if you don’t reveal all of the information regarding your phone’s locks or condition. Most of the time, the entity will refuse to deposit the money into your account, and you will be charged a return shipment cost.

If you’re upfront about the phone’s condition, however, you and the buyer can come to an agreement right away and be happy with the conditions of the deal. Pay attention to the buyer’s rules if you have an iPhone with a lock. Most online cellphone buyback firms are transparent about their regulations, but always read the fine print to see if you may sell them a locked iPhone.

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Is it possible to unlock an iPhone before selling or trading it?

You can unlock your iPhone before selling or trading it if a buyback program doesn’t accept locked iPhones or if you want to get better offers. It will be considerably easier to sell your phone if you remove the lock.


However, if your phone is locked to a carrier, you may need the assistance of someone who can jailbreak it. Jailbreaking an iPhone necessitates the use of specialized software and technical knowledge. This service costs roughly $20 to $30, but it can greatly boost your selling price, as most customers are willing to acquire a jailbroken phone.


You can disable Apple Activation Lock and iCloud lock yourself if you know your Apple ID and password.

Is it possible to sell a locked iPhone for parts?

Many people consider selling their old or broken iPhones for parts. If your iPhone is locked by iCloud and you don’t know your Apple ID or password, you may sell it to those who strip phones for their parts. Apple products in good condition, on the other hand, have a larger market than parts. You might have trouble finding a buyer if you advertise your phone for its parts. If the buyer only requires one or two pieces from your phone, you will not receive as much money.

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How Do I Get My iPhone Unlocked?

You must enter your Apple ID and the password you created when you set up your account to unlock your phone. You will be unable to unlock and use your phone unless you have this information. If you want to sell your iPhone but don’t know your Apple ID or password, you can utilize websites like DoulCi to skip the security protocols and unlock it.

The sole disadvantage of using such sites is that your SIM card will not function. Most buyback companies, on the other hand, do not require your SIM card and, in fact, delete them if they receive them on the phones as part of their data security process. A phone that doesn’t have a SIM card isn’t worth any less than one that does.

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