Trading Your iPhone? Here are the Best Options

Trading Your iPhone? Here are the Best Options

Trading Your iPhone? Here are the best options: Whether you’re looking for a new iPhone 13 or the iPhone 13 Pro, why don’t you trade in your old phone? Get rid of your iPhone! That ancient shard of glass is worth a lot more than you realize.

A used iPhone can be exchanged for cash or store credit at a number of services. We analyzed a few well-known services for trading in an outdated device. The majority of these services also accept Samsung and Google handsets, and they all accept iPhones.

Guidelines for Obtaining a High Resale Price

If you want your phone to have the highest resale value, take good care of it. Consider purchasing a good case (see our guide on selecting a good phone case) and a screen protector. They’ll keep your device appearing brand new, which is the most fantastic method to obtain the most money when you sell it.

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Always purchase a phone that is unlocked. Not only will you be able to move carriers with ease, but you’ll also be able to sell them for a higher price. Unlocked phones can connect to any wireless network that has an antenna. There’s no reason to be tied to a single carrier. Unless a carrier explicitly states that a phone is unlocked, it isn’t. This is especially true if you buy it on a payment plan.

The last thing you should do before selling your old phone is use iCloud to back up all of your data. Check the option to back up your Messages so that iCloud can save your text messages, which may contain photographs and videos that you haven’t committed to your Camera Roll. If you have an Apple Watch, remember to unpair it and wipe your phone’s data.

Trade-In Your Old iPhone to iPhone 13

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