Ways to Fix Slow Charging on Android

Ways to Fix Slow Charging on Android

There are many issues android faces, but one of the most prominent is “slow charging.” Here’s a guide to fixing slow charging on android phones for you.

Do you know when the smartphone market began to shift? The answer is when Google releases an open-source mobile device operating system, such as Android. On the other hand, Google has made significant updates to its Android operating system during the past year.

But, you know what? Every Android smartphone user is talking about the same problem: slow charging. As a result, we’ve decided to tell you a narrative to assist you in grasping the facts surrounding this situation. Meanwhile, we’ll investigate the options for resolving this problem. So, let’s get this party started.

What Are the Causes of Slow Charging on Android Phones?

A little metal connector causes this problem in the USB port. This connector can get slightly twisted over time, causing it to lose contact with the charging cable.

However, this isn’t always the case, as there could be various reasons for your Android device’s delayed charging. On the other hand, slow charging is not an issue caused by a series of random errors or glitches. What, therefore, is the primary cause behind this? So, let’s have a look at the reasons why you’re having this problem.

  • A USB cable has been damaged.
  • An unwanted application is now executing.
  • The charging port is damaged.
  • An earlier version of the firmware.
  • an insufficient power supply.
  • Your battery becomes harmed or dies.

Various Methods for Resolving the Slow Charging Issue on Any Android Smartphone

The fundamental cause of this aggravating problem has already been explained. However, some methods can assist you in resolving this issue. So, let’s take a look at them.

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Android Phone Factory Reset

We apologize if nothing can assist you in resolving the problem. This does not imply that you are idle. There is yet a possibility of resolving the charging issue. You can reset your phone by following the steps below:

  1. Erase all data may be found in Settings > System > Reset Options > Erase all data (factory reset)
  2. You now have the choice of resetting system data, erasing internal storage, or doing both. Select both and confirm Reset Phone/Erase All Data.

Update Your Operating System

Though your phone is running an older version of Android, even if a new update for your model is available, make sure to update it right away. Many consumers have previously indicated that this has assisted them in resolving their charge problems. As a result, you can give it a go.

Make That You Have a Reliable Power Source.

Our phone takes a long time to charge most of the time since the power source we’re utilizing isn’t up to par. As a result, we must always ensure that the power source we are using is free of faults. Also, ensure the energy in the socket you’re using to charge your phone isn’t fluctuating, as this could damage your battery.

Examine the Charging Port

The small metal connector beneath your Android phone’s USB port may become broken. If that connector becomes damaged, replacing it will be the best option for resolving the sluggish charging problem.

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A USB Cable That Isn’t Working

In general, a broken or damaged USB cable might result in issues such as rapid battery drain, delayed charging, and so on. We subject these items to a great deal of abuse during their existence, resulting in tears, bends, scratches, and damage. However, you will need to purchase a new USB cable, which is sad.

Examine Your Adapter

Have you checked to see if your adaptor is operating correctly? If the answer is no, you should double-check it. To do so, try charging your phone with a new charger (if possible) and see if it sets properly. On the other hand, your Android smartphone charges quickly, and your original adapter may be destroyed.


So, there you have it: a few techniques to help you cure your Android Phone Charging Slow problem. But, if you’re still having issues with slow charging, it’s time to upgrade your phone, my buddy. However, several budgets, mid-range, and premium Android smartphones on the market have excellent battery life and fast charging.

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