What to Do if Your Power Button Doesn’t Work?

What to Do if Your Power Button Doesn’t Work

If Your power button doesn’t work properly, what should you do?

Is the power button on your iPhone not working? It’s one of those things that, until it’s broken, doesn’t seem like a huge problem. I mean, how often do we even turn off our phones? The power button, on the other hand, is utilized for more than just turning your device on and off. You’ll need it to take screenshots, authenticate app purchases, and lock your phone, among other things. If your iPhone’s power button isn’t working properly, try the following.

Look For Problems With The Hardware

There’s always the possibility that the power button itself is malfunctioning. A broken iPhone power button can be identified by the inability to press the button in. When pressed, it should slightly click in. Scratches, dents, or cracks near the power button may indicate a more serious hardware issue. Consider whether your phone has ever been submerged in water. This does not simply imply dumping it in a puddle. Dropping your phone in the snow, leaving it in a hot car, or using it in a humid environment can all cause interior damage to your iPhone.

If you’re having one of these issues, you’ll need to get your iPhone fixed. You can try to fix it yourself, but there’s a good risk you’ll break something else in the process. Smartphones, unlike older phones, are not designed to be unlocked easily. Even if you manage to disassemble everything, even the tiniest adjustment to a wire can create major problems. If you aren’t a tech specialist, it’s also tough to tell what’s wrong with the power button just by looking at it. You could always replace it, but you risk it not working or causing damage to another element of the phone.

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Make Use of Alternatives

Do you want to know how to switch off an iPhone without pressing the power button? There are alternatives to using the iPhone’s power button. These options can be accessed in various settings. A feature called “assistive touch” under accessibility lets you use a portion of the screen instead of the power button. Obviously, this will not fix your real power button, but it is feasible. Even if they have functional power buttons, some individuals find this alternative to be more convenient and use it frequently. While your iPhone’s power button is damaged, features like face ID, raise to awake, and voice commands can be useful.


Update and Restart

It’s possible that your iPhone’s power button isn’t working because of a software problem. You may always try turning your phone off and on again (which may require configuring some settings depending on how badly the button is stuck). Update your iPhone if it doesn’t have the most recent version of iOS. These are basic things, but they are frequently the source of problems. Don’t dismiss this solution because it’s simple.

Clean Your Phone

Our phones get filthy quickly, which is understandable given that we carry them around with us at all times. Dirt can get inside the buttons and cause them to stick, so if your power button doesn’t work, try to check it. Examine the area around your power button for any visible dust. If this is the case, you can clear it out with a q-tip, vacuum, compressed air can, or simply your finger. The accumulation on the interior of your case is another item to look for. The iPhone power button may stop working if your phone case isn’t correctly seated against your phone.

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