How to Fix WiFi Not Working On Android

How to Fix WiFi Not Working On Android

WiFi Not Working On Your Android Phone? : Disconnecting from the Internet on an Android phone at the worst possible time can be aggravating. If your phone’s Wi-Fi isn’t working, there are usually a few simple remedies you may attempt before seeking professional help. If nothing seems to be working, you may need to take more serious action.

Here are some of our best tips for fixing a faulty Wi-Fi connection on your Android phone:

Turn off airplane mode

Users frequently turn their phones to airplane mode by accident and leave it on. This mode disables the phone from connecting to the internet or connecting to a cellular network. The airplane mode shortcut is seen on modern Android devices’ notification panels. To turn off the mode, tap the airplane icon (a grayed-out indicator indicates that it is turned off). If the airplane mode is already turned off, enable it and then turn it off again. It’s possible that this will fix the problem by resetting the phone’s network settings.

Rebooting your phone

Restarting the phone is the most typical troubleshooting approach for any phone malfunction. This procedure will remove any unnecessary processes that may be interfering with the phone’s normal functions, and it usually resolves most issues without the need for further action. Before messing with the network settings, we strongly advise rebooting your phone as one of the first steps, as they can sometimes cause more harm than good.

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Disable power-saving mode.

When the battery on most modern devices runs low, they feature a few distinct power-saving modes to save energy. The majority of these will turn off power-hungry features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Turn off the phone’s advanced power-saving mode before attempting to connect to Wi-Fi.

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Reset network configuration

Occasionally, the phone’s network settings are overwritten, either by accident or by a new program. They will be reset to the state they were in when the phone was originally purchased and activated.

Depending on the phone model and OS version, the network settings reset option can be found under “Settings“> “System“> “More choices” or “Settings“> “More network options.”

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Check the router and Wi-Fi settings on your network

If your phone’s Wi-Fi is turned on but it isn’t connecting or locating your favorite network, the issue is most likely the router settings. Check any indicator lights to see if the router is connected to the Internet and working properly. Most transitory troubles can be resolved by restarting the router.

Alternatively, double-check your Wi-Fi credentials (SSID and password) to make sure they haven’t changed recently and that your phone doesn’t have an old password stored.

Factory reset your phone

As a last resort, a factory reset may be able to restore your phone’s settings to their original state. This action, on the other hand, will destroy the majority of user data, uninstall all apps, and disconnect all accounts.

Consult a professional

Most problems with newer Android smartphones can be diagnosed and fixed by a professional phone repair service. They can also help you save time by properly inspecting your device for both software and hardware flaws.

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